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Marketing is Scorpio

In this post, we will discuss about Marketing and Management Astrology. All the marketing activities of an organisation as well as marketing Jobs have Scorpio as ascendant. Jupiter, the benific planet in this chart is the lord of second house, the house of money. No wonder, Marketing (Sales) is the …

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Banking Careers and Management Astrology

As mentioned before, every functional area (for a Job) has a separate Management Astrology Chart. In this post, we are discussing the Management Astrology chart for Banking Jobs. Management Astrology assigns Sagittarius ascendant to Banking Jobs. Sun being the lord of 9th house is the most benific p…

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Capital Cities and Management Astrology

Most of the Capital cities (state as well as national capitals) in the World have Capricorn as ascendant in Management Astrology Charts. Saturn is the ascendant lord and Venus is the most benific planet. However, the difference in nature of cities lies in the placement of planets. For instance, New …

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