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Professional Astrologer for Businesses,Careers and Startups

Are you looking for a Professional Astrologer for Businesses, Careers and Start-ups? Your search ends here. Kujnish Vashisht is a Professional with over 20 years of experience in Business and Start-up Consultancy, is an Author of 3 World Famous Books on Marketing and Sales, and is into Professional …

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Impact of Moon and Saturn on different Professions

Moon and Saturn have a complex relationship. While Moon takes care of your Creative abilities and dynamic elements of your personality, Saturn’s department is Perseverance. While Moon empowers you to interpret a situation in many ways, it also creates dilemmas and self-doubt. Saturn on the other han…

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Management meaning of second Doha of Hanuman Chalisa

Part 2 of How to Attain Riches and Fame through Asht Siddhis of Hanuman Ji

Street Food Business-5 Success Mantras

Lord Shiva's Message through Mahamrityunjaya Mantra

Online Laundry Business Analyzed Through Management Astrology

There are two components in this Business, Laundry and Online. The Management Astrology Chart of Laundry belongs to Aquarius Ascendant whereas Management Astrology Chart of an online Business belongs to Virgo Ascendant. Consider the 2nd and 11th house of the Laundry. Second house, the house of weal…

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Hanuman Ji Teaches Sales and Marketing Part-1

Sales Force is perhaps the most valuable asset of an organisation, but often the most difficult to manage. I have mentioned in my previous posts about the relevance of Lord Hanuman Ji and Hanuman Chalisa to the Marketing profession. In a series of posts, I shall be describing how Hanuman Chalisa is …

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Do not Call it Soap Mr Lever

We had announced in one of our previous posts that Ayurveda’s Management Astrology Chart belongs to Sagittarius ascendant, and owner of the ascendant Jupiter is present in its most traditional form.  Now consider two words, Soap and Body cleanser. Both are the same. Really? Not really. In Management…

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Investment in Stock Market is Sagittarius

In one of our previous posts, we had discussed about the Management Astrology Chart of Trading in Stock Market. Similarly, Investment activity in Stock Market also has its own Management Astrology Chart. In this post, we are disclosing that the ascendant of the Chart belongs to Sagittarius. We will …

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Communication with Customers by Solar Marketers

Effective communication with customers is the backbone of any Business. Marketing department, which is the only revenue generator of any Business or Enterprise, is directly responsible for communicating with customers. Third house in Management Astrology is the house of communication and seventh hou…

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Aries in Banking/ Financial Jobs

Tenth house in Management Astrology deals with how the person is likely to conduct himself with respect to various professions. Eleventh house deals with how the person would earn income from profession.  We had announced the Management Astrology chart of banking/ Finance profession in one of our pr…

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