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Do not Call it Soap Mr Lever

We had announced in one of our previous posts that Ayurveda’s Management Astrology Chart belongs to Sagittarius ascendant, and owner of the ascendant Jupiter is present in its most traditional form.  Now consider two words, Soap and Body cleanser. Both are the same. Really? Not really. In Management Astrology, the word Soap is ruled by Saturn and comes under the category of toiletries. We had mentioned in our previous posts that you mentioned the word Toilet to the traditional Jupiter, and it will kick you hard in your back. Just go to your nearby grocer and see the wrappers of both Patanjali and Lever Ayush Soap.  Patanjali uses the word Body Cleanser for its range of Soaps while Lever Ayush uses the word Soap. AA Bail (Bull) Mujhey Maar. This is what Lever Ayush has done by naming it as Soap and not used a sophisticated word like Body Cleanser. They can never succeed in the Ayurvedic category if they commit such silly mistakes.

Author: Kujnish Vashisht, Expedient Consultants,, 91-9779883347, 91-9878904347

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