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Impact of Moon and Saturn on different Professions

Moon and Saturn have a complex relationship. While Moon takes care of your Creative abilities and dynamic elements of your personality, Saturn’s department is Perseverance. While Moon empowers you to interpret a situation in many ways, it also creates dilemmas and self-doubt. Saturn on the other hand prompts you to think like an emotionless machine, empowering you do the same task for a longer period of time. Placement of these planets in your horoscope, their results in different major Periods (Mahadashas) and Sub-Periods, and the resulting impact on the Profession you are in, all these factors decide how you perform in your Life and Career. I have deliberately included the word Life because the impact of Moon and Saturn on your Profession directly impacts your Personal Life.

There are certain Professions which require some Routine activities to be repeated time and again. Some examples are Chartered Accountancy, Manufacturing, and most of the Office related Jobs. Saturn rules these Professions as they require persistent repetition of a Routine. The task of a Management Astrologer for such Professions is to control Moon, and to Strengthen Saturn in a person’s Personal Horoscope.

All the Creative Professions like Art, Fiction Writing, and Poet are ruled by Moon. A Strong Saturn in such Charts, or a Major Period or Sub-Period of Saturn will kill creativity. Whenever you see a Creative Person’s inability to produce novelty elements in his work or performance, or a high element of boring repetition, you can safely infer that his Saturn needs to be managed and his Moon needs to be strengthened.

There are many Professions which are In-Between, i.e. which require a certain level of balance between Moon and Saturn. Trading in Stock Market is one such Profession. Every moment or event in Stock Market creates a new situation (both Positive and Negative), and prompts a person to interpret that situation in terms of either greed or fear. This interpretation is ruled by Moon, and that’s why you see different people interpreting the same situation in different ways. Trading in Stock Market requires quick interpretation of Situations, and a Strong Moon accompanied by previous experience (ruled by Saturn) develops a workable gut feeling in a person. Trading in Stock Market also requires that a person should remain Calm under all Situations. While a wavering Moon would never let a person to get into a groove, an Emotionless and Suspicious Saturn would never let a Trader take a trade. If a Stock Market Trader persistently says that “I’m waiting for the right Opportunity to Enter”, the clear interpretation is that his Saturn needs some good amount of Work. Similarly, if you see a Trader frequently changing his trades, his Moon needs some counseling.

Unfortunately, the present times requires a person to perform many dynamic roles at the same time. Thus, Importance of Moon in a Horoscope increases manifolds. Most of the times, it is not the dreaded Saturn, but the Moon which needs persistent management. Since the Planetary position keeps changing, and the external environment is fast changing, the interpretation of both Moon and Saturn also changes frequently. This is the single largest reason for unhappiness in our lives.

What should be done to overcome this? We prepare short term customized action plans based on one’s Personal Horoscope, his Profession, his External Environment, his Previous Experience as well as his ability to interpret and handle different situations, his Physical resources, and his Personality. Some new learning and some unlearning are also required to optimize a Horoscope. We also work closely with the Clients in implementing such short term action plans. Any Change in Environment or a Change in Major Astrological Period or Sub-Period (In both External Environment as well as the Personal Horoscope) usually requires a Change in the Action Plan.

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