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Investment in Stock Market is Sagittarius

In one of our previous posts, we had discussed about the Management Astrology Chart of Trading in Stock Market. Similarly, Investment activity in Stock Market also has its own Management Astrology Chart. In this post, we are disclosing that the ascendant of the Chart belongs to Sagittarius. We will announce the detailed chart at a later date. Jupiter is the Lord of the ascendant. Jupiter is the planet of wisdom. Time and again, we hear from the Stock Market experts that one should invest wisely. Jupiter provides that wisdom for investment. In management terms, wisdom means a thorough research about the company you are investing in. But why do the wisest of people make mistakes while investing? We will explain it with the Management Astrology Chart of Investment. Owner of tenth house is Mercury. Tenth house determines the style of working in a profession. While Jupiter is knowledge, Mercury is the application of knowledge. Stock Market is dynamic in nature and daily movement is largely controlled by the traders ruled by Mercury. But remember, Mercury is a volatile planet. This is diametrically opposite to the nature of wise and comparatively slow moving Jupiter. Mercury creates momentary doubt in the mind of the Investor which prompts him to take immediate action. This increases the probability of wrong decisions. Eighth house in a chart helps in identifying the problem areas. This house in the Management Astrology Chart of Investment is ruled by Moon, the planet which represents our mind, and which is responsible for our emotions. When an Investor sees a sea of red in Stock Market, Moon creates depression in the mind of Investor. Similarly, when an Investor sees a Sea of Bullish Green in Stock Market, Moon creates excitement in the mind of the Investor. Instead of Booking Profits, he buys further at a high rate without waiting for the right time of investment.  Thus, the key to making profits from Investment lies in applying your knowledge while keeping your emotions in check. Soon, we will announce the detailed Management Astrology Chart of Investment. Then, will discuss finer details of this chart. We match the Investment/ Trading Management Astrology chart with the individual horoscopes of investors/ traders to determine the gap areas. Minor changes in the working style recommended by Management Astrology ensures safe profits for Investors/ Traders.

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