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Management Astrology analyses RCB in Dubai

On 23rd September 2020, when IPL 2020 had just begun, I wrote a Blog Post with title “RCB in Dubai”. RCB Bangalore Finished 4th in IPL 2020 as compared to 8th in IPL 2020. In this post, I am providing Management Astrology analysis of RCB’s performance in IPL 2020.

  1. I had provided special weightage to RCB for IPL 2020 on the basis that RCB is ruled by Mercury, and the shifting of venue from Jupiter ruled India to Saturn ruled Dubai may be good for RCB. However, I had also mentioned that Saturn doesn’t extend undue favours to anyone. I always mention importance of 2 P’s for pleasing Saturn, Persistence and Perseverance. RCB were just one win away from finishing the League stage in top two, and had they won just one more match, they might even have been in finals by now. I remember a Match early in League stage where Washington Sunder was sent earlier to bat than AB DeVilliers, although DeVilliers was instrumental in winning the previous match handsomely for them. Surprisingly, DeVilliers was sent quite late in the batting order, when the damage had already been done. RCB made many similar mistakes and changed their winning combination many times. They made a similar error in their last match where Kohli came out to open the innings. That’s the opposite of Persistence and that’s not how you achieve continuity.
  2. I request you to revisit my definition of Management Astrology. I have mentioned in the definition that sum total of your performance in life is net resultant of 50% of your Horoscope and 50% of how you utilize your horoscope.  I have seen many people with excellent horoscope perform average in their life, and many people with average or bad Horoscope perform reasonably well. Thus, though RCB had all the Luck on their side in IPL 2020, they still had to perform on the ground to win IPL 2020.  It is worthwhile to add here that no matter how good or bad your horoscope is, with a customised Life plan, you can still do better. Our Astrological Balance Sheet clearly defines Horoscopes in Objective terms, and our plans based on this equation are Power Packed and effective.
  3. I mentioned equation between Saturn and Mercury in my earlier article. While Mercury is super quick, Saturn is Slow. Mercury is Intelligence and Saturn is a factory which can produce things on a mass scale. A weak point of Mercury is Persistence i.e. though Mercury is Intelligence, it acts in short spells. Saturn Provides Persistence to Mercury so that Mercury can produce Intelligence for longer spells. As mentioned under Point 1, though RCB was good in Short spells, they couldn’t persist with those Good Spells for relatively longer periods of time. Translating this to Cricketing Parlance, they relied more on bits and pieces players who couldn’t provide Persistence. Shivam Dubey ,Washinghton Sunder and Gurkirat Mann are the examples. That’s the reason why they were heavily dependent on their top batting order, and that’s why they couldn’t score runs in middle and slog overs.

Kujnish Vashisht, the Author of this Post is a leading Management Astrologer, Strategic Marketing Consultant (Since 1999), and Author of 3 World Famous books on Marketing and Sales. He is also a leading Start-ups and Career Consultant.  He can be contacted at 9878904347,,

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