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Brahminwaad in Traditional Astrology?Let's Change it

This post is not against Brahmins but against Brahminwaad in Astrology. I am a Brahmin by caste, and I have already explained in one of my previous posts that a Brahmin means the one who is always open to learning, and doesn’t shy away from accepting his mistakes and learning from his mistakes. Caste is just a Surname. Also, there is a difference between Brahmin and Brahminwaad.

Did you know that like our society, there is a caste system in Astrology? And did you know that you are being fooled by Traditional Astrologers?  Let me explain it through the concept of debilitation in Astrology. Debilitation means weakness. According to traditional Astrology, Jupiter belongs to Brahmin caste while Saturn belongs to Shudra Caste. Interestingly, Jupiter becomes debilitated in the sign Capricorn, which belongs to Saturn. I read many explanations in Astrological Books for Jupiter’s debilitation. One significant reason mentioned in almost every book and almost every astrological theory is that Jupiter is benevolent and spiritualistic, and Saturn makes it too practical and materialistic. Is being materialistic and practical wrong? And if being materialistic and practical is right, is there some basic defect in the analysis by traditional astrologers?

Now, the Brahminwaad theory. The main role of Jupiter in traditional Astrology is Education and Knowledge. Jupiter is a preacher. Saturn is a Shudra, and thus its role is service, and also to practice what is being preached. So, can we conclude that Jupiter is debilitated in Capricorn, the Saturn’s sign, because it has to himself practice what he is preaching? There are many definitions of Brahminwaad, and one of them is to preach and to guide others to follow what you are preaching. What happens when we preach only and don’t practice what we are preaching? People will stop taking us seriously. Every Individual follows Brahminwaad when he doesn’t practice what he preaches.  Jupiter is also linked with fat and obesity. Is Brahminwaad the reason for Obesity? It is, and the following paragraphs will make it clear.

Traditional astrology recommends enchanting Mahamrityunjaya Mantra as well as enchanting Hanuman Chalisa as prominent remedies for the bad effects of Saturn. Only enchanting? Not Practicing? They don’t recommend practicing these two remedies because neither do they believe in the concept of practicing, nor have they ever bothered to know how to practice these two. Can you outsource your morning walk? This is what you are trying to do when you appoint someone else to enchant Mahamityunjaya mantra for you. For knowing how to practice Mahamrityunjaya mantra for your health, watch my video dated August 8th, 2018 posted on my blog To know how to practice Mahamrityujaya Mantra for your Business/Career, read my book “Attain Divine Marketing Powers through Hanuman Chalisa, Volume-1, which is available on Amazon. Enchanting is faith in God and God will help us only when we practice what he has taught through religious books.

Saturn is a planet which demands physical action and labor. For rectifying defects from Saturn, can a remedy work which doesn’t involve Physical Labor and action? How many remedies recommended by Traditional Astrology involve burning your calories to achieve your targets? Just think about it. And that’s why most of us face our most difficult times during Sade Saati of Saturn. Hanuman Chalisa is a prefect remedy for Saturn. But how to practice Hanuman Chalisa? Only enchanting won’t work. Every Doha and Chaupai of Hanuman Chalisa has a deep management and Astrological meaning. Hanuman Ji’s life teaches us how to act physically to achieve our targets, and in the same spirit, I defined each and every Doha and Chaupai of Hanuman Chalisa in Management and Astrological terms. I am practicing what I define and preach, and I also help Individuals/ Businesses/Professions/Careers in sticking to their action plans based on Hanuman Chalisa.

Practicing what has been preached in our religious books is the real difference between remedies of Traditional Astrology and Management Astrology. And the results can be measured in quantifiable terms. Even the analysis by Management Astrology is logical and relevant to the real world. If you still want to live in an imaginary World, keep following Traditional Astrology. If you want real action and results, you are Welcome to the World of Management Astrology.

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