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Creating Budh Aditya RajYog Through Management

Budh Aditya Rajyog is a rare Raj Yoga which can turn you into a famous and successful personality. As the name suggests, it is formed when Budh (Mercury) and Aditya (Sun) are placed in the same house. Traditional Astrology has not been able to explain convincingly as to why people are not able to benefit from this Yoga although it is present in many Birth Charts. However, you can create this Yoga through Management Astrology even if it is not present in your Birth Chart. Mercury in Management Astrology means application of knowledge and Sun means material resources. Sun also means owner of a Business or your Boss Combination of the two create Budh Aditya Raj Yoga. This is an extremely important Yoga in Current times since the ruler is Mercury. Rahu also plays an important role in achieving Budh Aditya Raj Yoga and the role has been explained towards the end of this Post.

Let’s first understand the management meaning of Budh Aditya Raj Yog. The house where your Mercury is present usually denotes the areas where you are naturally good at applying your knowledge. The probability of success or failure depends upon the Zodiac Sign and the placement of owner of that Zodiac Sign. If for instance, Mercury is present in fifth house in Libra, the owner of fifth house is Venus. Such people are good at creating Brands and that too in the premium segment. You may also be in some other related professions. Mercury is in an extremely good position since it is the Ascendant Lord. Venus will also give good results although minor adjustments can be done depending upon the placement. Following may be the trouble areas:

  1. You need to build your credentials in your field over a sufficiently longer period of time because Budh Aditya Raj Yog is achieved after perseverance. Don’t keep changing tracks, find a suitable track and stick to it.
  2. Create a mechanism which tells the World in clear terms that you are good at your Job.

The next stage is to feed your skills through substantial material resources. If you are in a Business or Profession, seek an investor who can provide material resources. For Gemini Ascendant, it is advisable that you don’t invest your own money for expansion, meaning that you concentrate on your skills, and let someone else bother about the financials and Risks. Both of you can create a fortune through this combination. Ensure that your investor is not too interfering when it comes to the key skills. A suitable legal agreement can ensure this. Stronger your financial partner, stronger will be your Budh Aditya Raj Yog. There can be many small financial partners also (for instance through Franchising or Channel Partners). If you are in a Job, create a self-marketing plan which gets you the assignment and designation of your choice. Best place for you in your organization is the one which lets you show your skills, and which puts you into direct contact with the higher management.

How can I help in achieving your Budh Aditya Raj Yog? I can analyze the potential of your Budh Aditya Raj Yoga through your Horoscope as well as after analyzing your credentials. I can help you in various processes which are pre-conditions for Budh Aditya Raj Yoga. If you are in Business or Profession, I can directly help you in finding investors. If you are in a Job, I can help you create and implement the right Self-Marketing Plan.  

And above all, I can help you with Chanakyaneeti (Radical Thinking). Chanakyaneeti helps you find the quickest path to success, and in your Horoscope, it is depicted through placement of Rahu. This planet is important for two reasons. First, Mercury gives enhanced results in unity with Rahu. Second, since current times belong to Mercury, Rahu anyways can’t be neglected.

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