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Defining Goddess Lakshmi Through Management Astrology

In Hindu Religion, Lakshmi Ji is known as the goddess of Good fortunes and prosperity. You will always find Lakshmi Ji beside Vishnu Ji in Hindu Temples. But have you wondered why Goddess Saraswati Ji and Ganesha Ji are present along with Lakshmi Ji in idols particularly dedicated to Lakshmi Ji? This post defines Lakshmi Ji in Management terms taking cues from the Idol of Lakshmi Ji along with Goddess Saraswati Ji and Ganesh Ji. This idol becomes the basis of many remedies in Management Astrology.

Goddess Saraswati is the Goddess for formal Knowledge and Communication. Ganesh Ji is known for his intellect and application of knowledge. The name Lakshmi is derived from the Sanskrit word Laksh meaning Goal. So the literal meaning of the idol described in first paragraph is that our formal knowledge/ communication should always be in harmony with our intellect, and should always be directed towards a Goal. That’s how we achieve good fortunes and prosperity in our Life/Career/Business. So the equation is:

Goddess Saraswati (Formal Knowledge, Communication) + Ganesh Ji (Intellect, Application of Knowledge) = Goddess Lakshmi (Achievement of our Goals in Life, Good Fortune, Prosperity).

Since the Size of Goddess Saraswati and  Ganesh Ji in the Idol is almost the same, both these components should be present in same proportion for steady path towards achieving Goals.

Have you heard about the Principal of KISS in Management? KISS is an acronym for Keep It Simple Stupid, which states that most systems work well if they are kept simple. Now I’ll give a very small dose of Management Astrology which is simple, Laksh (Goal) oriented, and not complicated like Traditional Astrology. Goddess Saraswati (formal knowledge and communication) mentioned in the picture discussed above represents Jupiter, Ganesh Ji (Intellect and application of knowledge) represents Mercury and Lakshmi Ji (Good fortune and prosperity) represents Venus.

So, we can rephrase the equation mentioned above as

Jupiter + Mercury in equal proportion = Venus (Kindly note that in this equation, Jupiter comes first. For application of knowledge, you need to first acquire knowledge)

Many remedies in Management Astrology are based on the above equation. Most of the problems in modern day society are because of the imbalance between Jupiter and Mercury. For instance, Most of the modern day Businesses are so obsessed with application of knowledge that they forget about the basics. For instance, Banks issue loans on the basis of fancy financial ratios as well as fancy financial projections. While doing so, they forget one basic fact, i.e. when everyone is trying to get a much bigger share from the same cake many are bound to remain hungry. If there is a mechanism to add up financial projections provided by various Business Houses to different Banks for similar Business categories, and if these figures are matched with the projected Industry growth rate before issuing Loans, future Bank NPA’s will subside substantially.

Similarly, in this competitive world, where everyone wants to increase his market share, Businesses come up with many out of the Box Marketing ideas. Some ideas work while many flop. Why? Because they never bother to check one basic fact i.e. Are these out of the box ideas (application of knowledge, Mercury) in conformity with the basics of Marketing (Jupiter). That’s why I always suggest Businesses to adopt the concept of regular Marketing Audits.

Same is with individuals. We need to accept one fact that with the use of technology, everyone’s intellect level has enhanced. If we really want to achieve bigger goals, we should enhance our level of basic knowledge, and bring it to the level of that enhanced intellect and Vice Versa. Yes, the opposite of this is also true. Mass Scale Production as well as Technology is a direct By-Product of application of knowledge (Mercury). How do we weaken our mercury to bring it to the level of Jupiter so that the balance is restored?  The simple answer is Customization. If you are looking to start a new Business, Go for Business models which don’t require mass production, and in which technology (Mercury) plays a supporting role. Stick to the old school basics of serving the needs of your customers better than your competitors. Your market size may become smaller, but since you are providing a customized product to your customer which serves his needs better than an MNC, you are more likely to create a profitable niche for yourself. Yes, we provide Start-Up Consultancy.

Summing up the above always set and achieve your goals by using your intellect and basics in the right proportion. Since the present Society is more application oriented, try to find success in the basics. Management Astrology is based on using the basic learning from our Religious Books/ Astrology / Management and provides modern, scientific and effective solutions. We aim to define Traditional Astrology/ all Religious Books/ Religious Symbols as well as Mantras in management and scientific terms so that everyone can receive the real benefits from this vast treasure.

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