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Discovering and Solving Organisational Problems through Eighth House

Eighth house in Management Astrology is an indicator of the kinds of problems an organisation can face. Analysis of eighth house in a chart also indicates how the problems can be solved. We will explain in this post how we at Management Astrology go about it. Let’s consider the marketing problems of an organisation. The ascendant of Marketing’s Management Astrology chart is Scorpio, ruled by Mars, and the owner of eighth house in this chart is Gemini, ruled by Mercury. Mercury is a Benific Planet, so one thing is certain that the kind of problems Marketing faces can be overcome without much damage if addressed in a timely manner. Also, Mercury is a fast moving planet, hence the nature of the problems are usually temporary. This also means that most of the Marketing problems have to be addressed immediately. Neglecting a problem may not harm you immediately, but if left undetected, can create longer term problems. Saturn, the planet of obstacles is a very good friend of Mercury, while relationship of Mercury with Marketing Lord Mars is neutral. Hence, if problems related to Marketing are left undetected, mercury will bond with Saturn, and Saturn being the malefic planet will cause a long lasting impact on the overall Business. Remember, Marketing is a function which produces revenues, and lack of attention to the Marketing Problems will have a permanent negative impact on revenues.

Gemini is a planet with dual character. Hence common problems in Marketing are misreporting by Sales Persons, exaggerated claims, false promises to customers, and so on. By a deeper analysis of the Product Chart and the Organisation’s own Management Astrology Chart, we can pin point the exact cause of problems and recommend the Solutions. Personal Horoscopes and CV’s of the Marketing personnel can also be analysed to pin point the problems at individual level.

Analysing the Product’s Management Astrology chart is equally important to find solutions to the problems. In one of our previous posts, we had announced the Management Astrology Chart of Solar Power. The ascendant is Leo and owner of eighth house is Pisces, ruled by Jupiter. In Management Astrology, Jupiter represents the Senior Management (excluding the owners). Thus, we will do an in-depth analysis of higher Management of a Solar Power company to find solutions to the problems related to Marketing. There can be many reasons associated with this combination. Some of the most common factors can be wrong selection of salespersons (for instance, we had mentioned in our previous post on Solar Power that people from Insurance background should be given top priority in Sales department when it comes to retail roof top segment. Senior Management may not be clear about the kind of people it needs to select), wrong monitoring procedures for handling sales force, ineffective feedback system both from the Sales force as well as the customers, lack of focus by the senior Management towards Marketing function as a whole, and so on.

Another important point is that it is essential to analyse a particular organisation’s Management Astrology Chart also before reaching a final conclusion. For instance, three different organisations offering Solar Power Solutions (For example Sukam, Microtek and Waaree Energy) will all have different Management Astrology Chart. If for instance Senior Management (Jupiter) is not empowered by the owners (Sun) in a particular organisation, reasons for problems will be different. Similarly, the Solutions will also be different, suited to the organisational culture.

Author: Kujnish Vashisht, Expedient Consultants, 91-9779883347, 91-9878904347.

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