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Halla Bol in Pink? The number Eleven dilemma of Rajasthan Royals

Recently, Rajasthan Royals announced the decision to wear Pink Jersey in IPL 2019. Does this change in colour hold some significance from Management Astrology angle? It does. Rajasthani Community is a great community with distinguished history and unparalleled achievements. However, this community in general suffers from dual personality dilemma, and this Choice of Pink strengthens this argument.  I’m keeping this article short and crisp so that the message is not lost.

Rajasthan means Land of Kings. Sun is the King in Management Astrology and number 1 represents Sun. Rajasthani Community is primarily ruled by Sun. Sun also represents Boss in Management Astrology. How would you react/interpret if your Boss starts wearing a Pink Suit in his official meetings? An interesting observation is that if you add Rajasthan numerically, the number is 92, which when further added gives master number 11. Here lies the dilemma. Number 11 means double impact of Sun (1+1, King, Ego, and Source of Wealth) to give the net resultant Moon (represented by Number 2 (1+1), Emotions and their impact on Personality). Number 11 imparts dual personality to Rajasthani Community. On one hand, you will observe Extreme Royal Masculine ego represented by double Sun, and at the same time you will observe humble hospitality represented by feminine Moon. Thus, while Halla Bol, the slogan of Rajasthan Royals represents Double Sun, Padharo Mhare Desh of Rajasthan Tourism represents Moon. The community as a whole is often split between Sun (Masculine) and Moon (Feminine), thus causing confusion.

Jaipur is known as Pink City, and that primarily was the reason to change the Jersey Colour. Management Astrology interprets it as the continuation of dual personality dilemma of Rajasthani Community. Halla Bol (Masculine) is right, Team’s mascot Moochu Singh (Lion, Masculine, represented by Singh/LEO/Sun) is right, but Jersey Colour Pink (Feminine) is wrong. I agree that Pink emotionally unites Rajasthani Community because of Pink Jaipur, Pink Sandstone, Pink Embroidery, Pink Turbans and Pink Marble. However, did we see the liberal use of Pink in flags of several Princely states of Rajasthan? And particularly, does one use Pink in War? Cricket is a masculine game and involves aggression. Modern day cricket is no less than war. Liberal use of Pink by Rajasthan Royals clearly shows dual personality dilemma in their approach. I’m not discussing the similar dilemma in their cricketing approach/strategy here as my message may be lost in the lengthy analysis. Masculine colours like Orange/ Red are best suited for this Team.

P.S: It’s worthwhile to add here that this article only intends to highlight a flaw in overall strategy of Rajasthan Royals. The community as a whole knows how to overcome this dilemma, which makes this community a great community.

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