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In-Betweens in Food Business and Management Astrology

We had discussed in one of our previous posts that Pure street food Outlets/ Carts (including Dhaba’s) have Aries as Ascendant and high end restaurants (like in five stars) have Libra as Ascendant. Today we will discuss about the in-betweens. Mars is the ascendant lord of street food outlets and Venus is the ascendant lord of High End Restaurants. As we move up from street food towards high end, roles of Mars and Venus Interchange. In Street Food, Mars is the overall in charge of Business, while Venus is responsible for revenue generation. On the other hand, in high end restaurants, Venus is the overall in charge of Business while Mars is responsible for revenue generation.  Again, in Aries ascendant, Venus is responsible for attracting Customers while in Libra Ascendant, Mars is responsible for attracting customers.

In-betweens start from a category above street food and fall just a category below high end restaurants (five stars). Failure rate is the maximum in the in between category. The reason is the failure to recognise and allocate correct portfolios to Mars and Venus. We will write a lot about this in our future posts. In this post, we are sharing a very basic fact about how the food changes from downward to upward category. The planet which owns ninth house in the Management Astrology chart of street food is Jupiter. This is the house which represents the maximum reward/ effort ratio. Jupiter is the planet associated with obesity. Thus, the Street food is always rich in fats (obese) and will always make you obese. You take away fat from Street food and the chances of failure increase manifolds. On the other hand, the planet which owns ninth house in Management Astrology Chart of high end restaurants is Mercury. That’s why high end food is exciting, fat levels are optimum, and dishes often wear the mask of lies. By mask of lies means that even a basic Indian snack like samosa will have a pampered and exaggerated definition in the Menu of a five star.

Before opening a food outlet, it is extremely important to sketch a Management Astrology Chart of that particular outlet so that the correct marketing plan can be written. It is the Location and resources which decide the placement of planets in the Management Astrology chart of food outlets.  We will discuss a lot about food outlets in our future posts.

Author: Kujnish Vashisht, Expedient Consultants,, 91-9779883347, 91-9878904347

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