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Jupiter and Saturn Rule Introductory Stage of Product Life Cycle

Introductory stage of Product Life cycle (PLC) starts with launching of the Product in the Market. Jupiter and Saturn together rule the Introductory Stage of Product Life Cycle. While Jupiter rules the investment and efforts in this period, Saturn rules the obstacles in the path of the product like lack of acceptance of product by the target segment and thus low volumes, expenditures more than revenues and so on. This is the most expensive stage in a product’s Sales history. In Management Astrology, we assign a heavier role to Jupiter in this stage as compared to Saturn. The obstacles produced by Saturn are due to its malefic nature. However, the strength of Saturn depends upon the nature of the Product. We calculate this strength from the Product’s Management Astrology Chart. The strategy to be adopted during introductory stage is to overcome the resistance of Saturn by strengthening Jupiter. Let’s understand this with the help of an example. When Maggi (Nestle) introduced its instant Noodles in Indian in 1980’s, India was unaware about Noodles. Thus, there was no demand for the Product. Saturn here denotes lack of demand due to Target segment unaware about the Product. In Management Astrology, Jupiter’s strength is routed via Sun. Nestle was the Sun in this case as Management Astrology assigns the role of Sun to the Promoters. By allocating appropriate resources for Marketing, Nestle ensured appropriate strength for Jupiter. Mars rules Marketing in Management Astrology and is the face of Jupiter in the Introductory Stage. It required a huge Marketing effort by Nestle to make Instant Noodles popular in India. More the strength of Saturn in a Product’s Management Astrology Chart more is the strength required by Jupiter and its friendly planets to overcome the obstacles produced by Saturn. When we talk of Mass segment, Saturn displays huge strength. A closer look at the Management Astrology Chart of Instant Noodles indicates that Saturn is extremely powerful in this chart. Thus, only a powerful Brand like Nestle had the capacity to overcome Saturn. The proof lies in Maggi still being the generic name of Instant Noodles in India despite the recent controversies. Many a times, In Introductory Stage, it requires a combined effort by more than one Brand/ Company to overcome Saturn.

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