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Jupiter Dislikes Lever's Akshay Kumar

Ayurveda in Management Astrology has Sagittarius Ascendant with Jupiter as the ascendant Lord. We will announce the Management Astrology Chart of Ayurveda at a later date. However, one striking feature of this chart is the position of extreme strength of Jupiter, and that too in its most traditional form. Jupiter represents old beliefs and wisdom. When Jupiter attains its most traditional form in a Management Astrology Chart, it is extremely difficult to change Old and traditional beliefs associated with that Business. Baba Ramdev of Patanjali managed to extend his Yoga Guru Image to Ayurvedic Guru Image although if you closely analyse his profile, he has few credentials in Ayurveda. Yoga and Ayurveda are both traditional sciences. Both are ruled by Jupiter and hence there is a natural affinity and synergy between the two. Saffron is the colour ruled by Jupiter and is also the colour of Saints in India. So, when saffron clad Baba Ramdev with a Saintly image promotes Ayurveda, Jupiter becomes benific in its highest form. This doesn’t mean that Baba Ramdev has no parallels and there are no threats to Brand Patanjali. We will cover this in our later posts. In this Post, we are discussing Why Lever’s hiring of Akshay Kumar as a Brand Ambassador will do no good to the Brand.

Lever Ayush is trying to take on Patanjali with its range of basic Ayurvedic Products Cosmetics and toiletries. My personal observation is that many of their products are better than Patanjali. However, Management Astrology disagrees with their choice of Akshay Kumar as Brand Ambassador. Film Industry is represented by Venus in Management Astrology and Venus is a functional malefic in Sagittarius ascendant. This is the first negative. Jupiter relates more to people who are blessed with traditional wisdom. And what kind of wisdom Akshay Kumar stands for? Toilet Ek Prem Katha? You mention the word Toilet to the traditional Jupiter and the Planet will kick you in the back. This is the second negative. Lever Ayush is positioned at the Mass segment and the only reason of Akshay Kumar’s choice seems to be his popularity in the mass segment. Good Business thinking but Management Astrology predicts a not so favourable result. Lever is not an Indian name and thus doesn’t gel well with the traditional Jupiter in the chart of Ayurveda. This will always remain a negative for HUL. Why the name Hindustan is missing from Lever Ayush? This is the third negative. They may do well in non Hindi speaking states where Baba Ramdev has a comparatively lesser appeal, but it will be difficult for Lever to compete with Patanjali in the Saffron Clad Baba’s Hindi Speaking market segment despite having better products.

Only one condition can take on the traditional Jupiter in the Management Astrology Chart of Ayurveda. It is by making Venus stronger, much stronger so that its strength matches that of Jupiter. Management Astrology advices that this can be done by changing the target segment from mass segment to premium segment. Premium segment is the home turf for Venus and lever Ayush can be a success in this segment. As far as Brand Ambassador is concerned, they should look for an epitome of Wisdom rather than a Film Actor famous for his comic roles.

Author: Kujnish Vashisht, Expedient Consultants,, 91-9779883347, 91-9878904347



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