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Ludhiana's Management Astrology Chart

Management Astrology Chart of Ludhiana City belongs to Capricorn Ascendant. This is similar to major Indian cities like Delhi and Mumbai. However, placement of planets in the chart makes this city different from Delhi and Mumbai. Following is the Placement of Planets in the Management Astrology Chart




1st House (Ascendant)



2nd House

Venus, Sun


3rd House

Mercury (R)


4th House



5th House



6th House



7th House



8th House



9th House



10th House



11th House



12th House

Mars, Rahu



Saturn, Mercury and Venus are the functional benifics. Saturn, the lord of ascendant is placed in the fifth house in Taurus. This explains the importance of small scale Industry in the economy of Ludhiana. This also explains why Ludhiana is famous for down to earth Industrial products like Bicycles, Sewing Machines and Tractor parts. Ludhiana is also famous for its Hosiery, but again, majority of the products are targeted at middle and lower segment. Placement of Saturn makes the people of Ludhiana relatively frugal when it comes to spending on technological advancements (as compared to cities like Delhi and Mumbai). The nature of this chart indicates that when a small scale entrepreneur grows to medium and large scale, there is a tendency of migrating to cities like Delhi and Mumbai. This keeps Ludhiana oriented towards small scale. The chart indicates that this will remain the pattern in future although the definition of small, middle and large scale keeps changing with times. Some people may argue that Ludhiana has produced leading Brands like Hero. However, Management Astrology has a separate analysis for this.

Placement of Venus (the lord of 10th house) in second house makes the people of Ludhiana rich. However since Saturn will never allow Ludhiana to grow in to a large scale Industrial town like Mumbai, the extent of riches will always remain relatively lower . Placement of Rahu and Mars in 12th house explain the enterprising nature of the people of Ludhiana, and they spend a lot on creating their overseas network. However, it also indicates that the level of technology is more oriented towards Jugaad (Indian Desi word for adaptation). This strengthens and explains the theory of small scale prevalence in Ludhiana.

Mars is the lord of Marketing in Management Astrology, and its placement indicates that Ludhiana Industrialists are reluctant to spend on Marketing. They are more oriented towards manufacturing for a partner who takes responsibility of Marketing. An important clarification here is that we see the Owner/Promoter’s personal Chart also when we do marketing related predictions in Management Astrology.

Since Ludhiana is a city of small scale entrepreneurs, it is important to interpret Ludhiana’s Management Astrology chart’s implications for this category. First Demonetisation and then GST. Business models of small scale entrepreneurs throughout India are disturbed in the current environment. This often leads to many entrepreneurs looking for diversification. Marketing has its own chart in Management Astrology, and if we see the Management Astrology chart of Ludhiana in light of the Marketing Chart, it won’t be a bad idea to recommend consumer oriented Ludhiana specific projects for diversification. However, certain rules need to be followed depending upon the personal horoscope of the entrepreneur as well as the Management Astrology Chart of the Product. We at Expedient Consultants consider a person’s personal horoscope, Management Astrology chart of the product as well as city specific Management Astrology Chart while making Business Recommendations. This post primarily deals with the basics of Ludhiana’s Management Astrology Chart. Companies/ Entrepreneurs can contact us for answers to their specific requirements.

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