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Marketing is Scorpio

In this post, we will discuss about Marketing and Management Astrology. All the marketing activities of an organisation as well as marketing Jobs have Scorpio as ascendant. Jupiter, the benific planet in this chart is the lord of second house, the house of money. No wonder, Marketing (Sales) is the only functional area in an organisation which produces revenues, rest all functional areas are expense heads. So, whenever an organisation plans to increase Sales revenues, Jupiter will play a crucial role. We will explain this with the help of examples in our future posts. There are four P’s in marketing, Product, Price, Place and Promotion. We have already explained before that every product has its own Management Astrology Chart and hence for product related strategies and plans, we will refer to the management astrology chart of that particular product. Tenth house (the house of profession) of the Marketing Chart is ruled by Sun. This house is also known as the house of father. Who is the father of a Business? The Promoter or the owner.  And who is Sun in Management Astrology? Again ,the promoter or the owner. This means that marketing structure of any organisation is directly dependent on the attitude and resources of the owner. If the owner is visionary, he will work for establishment of Brand as well as the Brand equity. If the owner is interested only in small time gains, you will see a very small marketing structure. Thus, whenever we make Marketing recommendations for an organisation on the basis of Management Astrology, we try to synchronise these recommendations with the personal horoscope of the Promoters. Mars, the lord of Scorpio ascendant is a friendly planet of Sun and hence works in close proximity with the Sun. However, both of them are hot in nature and hence Sun, being the senior and wiser member in Management Astrology has to shed his ego to understand the Marketing Department (Mars). We will share more interesting observations on Marketing Charts in our future posts.

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