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Navjot Sidhu's Public Horoscope

Navjot Sidhu’s Public Horoscope is a classic example of how one can excel by creating a perfect balance between Knowledge, application of Knowledge, perseverance and Creativity. Just to refresh your knowledge, in Management Astrology, Jupiter denotes knowledge Mercury denotes application of knowledge, Saturn denotes perseverance and Moon denotes creativity. A balance between all these four planets is rare. I’ll explain this combination in an interesting manner so that those without knowledge of Astrology can also gain from this Post. And this post is not only about praising Sidhu. Later in this post, I’ll also explain as a Political Marketing analyst as to how he should be approached and tackled by his opponents.  Following are the observations:

  1. In Astrology, Saturn (Perseverance) and Moon (Creativity) are enemies. The Management logic is that Creativity (Moon) is a rare commodity and can’t be produced on mass scale (Saturn) with predefined methods. Navjot Sidhu defies this logic. He has been successful in setting up a factory of creativity within himself and that too with extremely low production time. It is reflected in the way he answers/deflects some of the most difficult questions, as well as his Poetic verses (Both Comic as well as serious, which further adds a kind of invincibility to his personality)
  2. It is essential to create a balance between Knowledge (Jupiter) and application of knowledge (Mercury). Jupiter is planning while Mercury is implementation. One can’t implement efficiently without proper planning and a plan is useless if it can’t be implemented practically. Sidhu has worked a way to lift up both his Mercury and Jupiter in equal proportions (which is often missing in a majority of people as their Horoscope is tilted either towards Jupiter or Mercury). While people tend to take him lightly, the kind of planning and research done by him before speaking efficiently and creatively on an issue often goes unacknowledged. The lesson for everyone (especially for Politicians) is to make comprehensive research as the basis for actions.
  3. In the four planets mentioned above, Sidhu has developed parallel tracks for two distinctive combinations, which is again rare. On track No 1 are the friends Mercury (Intelligence) and Saturn (Perseverance and hard work). A person with high Intelligence Quotient can excel if and only if he backs it up with hard work and perseverance. On track 2 are Moon (Creativity) and Jupiter (Wisdom). It should be noted that Moon and Jupiter together create Gajkesari Yog which gives a person the sense to use creativity wisely. It seems that Sidhu has developed some kind of a railway monitoring system within him, where he doesn’t let trains on first track to interfere with trains on the second track. He is intelligent plus hardworking and creative plus wise, and doesn’t let these two distinct combinations to interfere or create dilemmas in his personality.

Now a few technical details before I move to the Political Marketing analysis which may be beneficial for his opponents (and also for him). Sidhu’s Public Horoscope belongs to Gemini Ascendant and Sagittarius Moon sign (Not sharing full details about his Public Horoscope as it’s a Professional secret). Based on his Public Horoscope, his opponents can counter him in the following manner:

  1. His horoscope is ruled by planet Mercury. This planet is short acting and dual in nature. This planet is his biggest strength, but can also prove to be his nemesis. Have you heard about the tag line of a famous Laddu wala from Kanpur by the name of Thaggu key Laddu? His tag line is “Aisa Koi Saga Nahi, Jisey Humney Thaga Nahi. Mercury, the most beneficial planet for him has the potential to do that to Sidhu. Mercury has an upper hand in informal atmosphere while Jupiter has an upper hand in formal atmosphere. The issue with Sidhu is that he makes Public appearances both in the formal and informal atmospheres. Icing on the cake is conflicting ownerships of Ascendant (Mercury) and Brand Personality (Moon Sign Jupiter). The analysis is that though his mercury is strong, certain influences and combinations indicate that he is more likely to make mistakes in the informal atmosphere where he has a tendency to talk loose. During my research, I came across an old episode where he had made some sarcastic remarks against Bhappa Community of Sikhs while doing Cricket Commentary ( ) While Sidhu is now being hailed as a Champion of Sikh cause after the Kartarpur Corridor, such outlandish comments, can put him into an indefensible situation. Notable here is that the Bhappa Community (Khatri Sikhs) are often mocked by the Jatt Community (many social media posts are available in public domain), and Sidhu (Jatt Community) was sent a legal notice for hurting the sentiments of the other community. Many instances of his loose talks are available in Public domain which can or may be used by his opponents. A smart opponent may even trap him by strategically getting Sidhu involved in some fresh loose talk publically.
  2. Sidhu often tries to be the man of the moment. This is clear evidence that his mind is controlled by Mercury because Mercury also acts in momentary fashion. Engaging him for a longer duration on a subject or issue is against his natural inclination. He often gets away with this because he uses his creative abilities as deflection tactics the moment he feels uncomfortable in a situation. Engaging him on an issue for a longer period may compel him to commit mistakes. Important to note here is that because of the way he lifts up his Jupiter to provide a balance to Mercury, he gets away with these mistakes.
  3. Eighth house of his public horoscope is ruled by Capricorn (Saturn). We often look at the possible trouble areas through this house. Eighth house also represents the unknown mysteries as well as the bad karmas. Are you his opponent? Do a deep research into his past, and you’ll find many opportunities. Saturn (the owner of his eighth house) is the planet of Justice. Since Saturn is a slow planet, it often delays the Justice.
  4. Speaking is Sidhu’s natural turf, but writing isn’t. That’s shown by his planetary combinations (Public Horoscope). Instead of a Verbal debate with him, opponents should try to engage him in a written debate.
  5. There is a method to Sidhu’s madness. There is a method in the way he deflects and tackles situations through his comic style. That’s clearly suggested by his Public Horoscope. A manual based on Chanayaneeti can decode this madness. This manual should simply list the issues related to him, and then should list his various possible responses. A counter strategy can be prepared based on this manual. This process is similar to the way a batsman plays a spinner by watching his hand movement.

I can’t share more analysis since I am sharing only a part of his Public Horoscope. Needless to mention that like many, I am a great fan of Navjot Singh Sidhu, a multifaceted personality.

Note: Public Horoscope is based on a Person’s Public Image and Actions and is not based on his date of birth. This is highly beneficial for Public Figures. Both Astrological and Management Principles are used while preparing and analysing these Horoscopes.

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