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Number 23, Gajkesari Yog and Management Astrology

Numerology holds a significant place in Management Astrology. The concept is foreign to Indian system of Astrology, but there is a direct link which hasn’t been deciphered yet. With this post, I am beginning my Journey to share this hidden treasure with you. Have you heard about Gajkesari Rajyog in Vedic Astrology? It has a direct link with number 23. Number 2 represents Moon and Number 3 represents Jupiter. They both add to Number 5 which represents Mercury. I’ll cover Gajkesari yog in detail some other time, but in brief, Gajkesari yog’s definition in Management Astrology points towards influence of Jupiter on Moon. The planet moon represents our mind and personality, and moon changes its sign in every two and a half days (wavering mind). You may have heard about the great strength we get when we control our mind. Ancient texts mention this in detail, and both Management and Science acknowledge the immense benefits. Gajkesari yog is said to have happened when Jupiter provides a definite and Positive direction to our mind. And what that positive direction should be is determined by number 23.

The Numerology Equation of number 23 is 2+3 =5.

The Management Astrology Equation is Moon + Jupiter = Mercury.

Moon is our mind and personality, Jupiter is knowledge and Mercury is application of knowledge. Mercury also represents intellect as well as capacity to manage change. So Gajkesari Yog will give results (material Gains) when we acquire knowledge to direct our mind and personality towards application of that knowledge. The result is enhanced intellect, directed intellect as well as the capacity to manage change. This becomes the basis of many remedies in Management Astrology related to Moon, Jupiter and Mercury. The idea is to create a balance between the three.

There is a concept of Karma Yoga in Management Astrology meaning that there are certain sets of combinations in our horoscope which can direct us towards how to create Raj Yogas in our Horoscope with our Karmas. Even if you are not having a Raj Yoga in your Horoscope, you can create it through Karma. If you have understood the above equation of number 23, start acting immediately to achieve your Gaj Kesari Yog even if it is not present in your personal Horoscope. I can help you by identifying the sets of combinations in your Horoscope which can lead to Gaj Kesari Karma Yoga.

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