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RCB In Dubai

I have mentioned many times in my Blog about enhanced importance of various planets at different Locations. IPL this time (2020) is being played in Dubai which is ruled by Saturn. India is ruled by Jupiter, and earlier editions of IPL were played in India. From Management Astrology angle, does it make a difference? Saturn is the planet of Karma and Justice, and it doesn't extend undue favors to anyone. So, though it may sound  Cliche, but the team which plays well will win. However, one team which may see reversal of fortunes this time is RCB, Royal Challengers, Bangalore. RCB is ruled by Mercury. With earlier editions played in Jupiter ruled India, Mercury ruled RCB witnessed an extended spell of Bad luck. Reason is the hidden animosity between Jupiter and Mercury (Explained earlier in my Blog). Saturn and Mercury Gel well, and that's the reason for my awarding special weightage to RCB this time. Translating this into simple language, RCB should pose faith in Youngsters (Mercury), and should adopt out of the box tactics (again Mercury). I wish them all the best. 

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