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Saturn rules Maturity Stage of PLC

When a Product is in its Maturity Stage in Product Life Cycle (PLC), Saturn becomes a prominent planet in Management Astrology. If you need to overcome the hurdles of Maturity Stage of Product Life Cycle, you have to fulfil the conditions of Saturn. These conditions vary from product to product and we at Management Astrology analyse the Product’s Management Astrology Chart to determine such conditions. Natural friends of Saturn are Mercury (Technology) and Venus (Branding) and both help to fulfil the conditions of Saturn. And all this can’t be possible without Jupiter (Finance). In a Management Astrology Chart, adequate positive combination of all these four planets is rare. Thus, we are extremely careful when a client seeks advice from us when his product is in maturity stage of PLC or he wants to launch a new product line which is in maturity stage.

Then what is the Solution? Should a Client withdraw from market when his product reaches maturity stage of PLC? The answer is no. Now here is a classic example which will lead us to the Solutions. Reliance Jio launched its mobile services when the product was well in its maturity stage. Agree that they pumped in huge amounts of money and followed the preconditions of all the planets mentioned above. However, all this couldn’t have been possible had they not positioned themselves with differentiators which effectively created a unique space in the minds of their target segment. Reliance Jio have promoted many effective differentiators which distinguish their services from established players like Airtel, Idea and Vodafone.  The explanation of this in Management Astrology is that by promoting effective differentiators, the Brand or Company positions its Business towards the growth stage in the otherwise Maturity stage of PLC. This reduces the relevance/negative impact of Saturn and thus comparatively lesser positives (as compared to adequate positive combination mentioned in the first paragraph) in the Management Astrology Chart are required for success. Patanjali is another example of success in Maturity stage of PLC and their only reason for success is the strong differentiators like reinforcing the minds of target segment with relative benefits of Ayurveda as well as informing the target segment effectively about their unparallel credentials in Ayurveda. Needless to say that they still had to follow the rules and preconditions of Saturn as mentioned before in this article.

Which Differentiators to promote in the maturity stage? This requires detailed analysis of Management Astrology charts of Organisation, Product as well as Location. Also required is the analysis of personal horoscope of the Promoters. It should be noted that Maturity stage is usually the longest stage of Product life Cycle, and determination of sub-stage in the maturity stage is also important. We at Expedient Consultants have done this analysis for many Organisations, and Entrepreneurs/ Organisations interested in this analysis can contact us at the mail id / mobile numbers given below.

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