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Second Half of your Career demands Balancing between Jupiter and Mercury

Formal education in Management Astrology is ruled by Jupiter, and the application of knowledge is ruled by Mercury. In management terms, Jupiter (Formal Education) is the principal amount and Mercury (application of knowledge) is return on investment. In this post we are limiting ourselves only to intellectual capital. Also, by formal education, we mean the concepts which we learn from textbooks. A person may not formally go to a University and can still attain formal education through self study.

Let’s take the example of an executive from middle management, in his early forties. He has already proved his worth, and is an important part of his organisation. He wants to grow further in his career and like all of us, wants to attain more seniority in shortest possible time. In Management Astrology, beginning part of one’s career is influenced by Jupiter and later part is influenced by mercury. When a person is around 20th year of his career, he is at a stage when both Jupiter and Mercury are having a balanced influence in his career. However, as the person goes further in his career, Mercury will start asserting itself more powerfully than Jupiter. Is it Bad? There is a metal named Mercury. Among all the metals, it has the lowest Boiling Point as well as freezing point, and is considered the most Volatile metal. Behaviour of Planet Mercury in Management Astrology is also similar in nature. Mercury can take your career to new highs in a record time, but can drag you down in the same quick time. I have seen many instances where people peak out in the mid 40’s and then are out of their Job. When you receive Promotions in real quick time in your 40’s, many times out of turn, remember my post when you are celebrating your success. There is a high chance that Mercury has taken over your career and a volatile terrain may be ahead in your career.

What do you do in such a scenario? I am obviously not suggesting that you forego your promotion. The key lies in strengthening your Jupiter (Formal Education) to balance out the impact of mercury. Remember, more you rise in later part of your career, more is the need to further strengthen your Jupiter. If you are lucky, your organisation will arrange such formal education for you. Just to remind you, formal education here doesn’t necessarily mean a classroom course. It means learning the latest textbook concepts relevant to your profession through formal or informal means. And this needs to be persisted with throughout the rest of your career. And remember, Jupiter will only feel strengthened if that formal education of yours is worth writing in your CV.

One practical problem to achieve the above is lack of time. Management Astrology can help you in planning the same. As mentioned in our previous posts, we analyse three charts for Career Consultancy in addition to an individual’s CV. These charts are Management Astrology Chart of the Profession (Like Finance/ Marketing/ Technology), Management Astrology Chart of the Location and Personal Horoscope of the Individual. We establish gap areas by analysing the above, and then recommend an action plan. This action plan includes which Formal Education suits you the best in the middle of your career, which is the right time to attain such education and How to find time for such education. We can be contacted at the e-mail/ mobiles mentioned below for Personal Career Consultancy.

It may be possible that your case is other way round, i.e. you are not getting timely promotions. This may mean that the mercury in your career chart is weak. We will try to cover this aspect in our future posts.

Author: Kujnish Vashisht, Expedient Consultants, 91-9779883347, 91-9878904347. 

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