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Shivinder Singh of Fortis is Invisible to Saturn?

We have often heard that even Saturn fears Hanuman Ji. We often hear Astrologers suggesting enchanting of Hanuman Chalisa or suggesting worship of Hanuman Ji to escape the evil effects of Saturn. But does it actually work? Can an Astrologer explain the Rationale behind it? The bad news is that in most of the cases, these remedies don’t work. The good news is that the key to evading the evil eye of Saturn is indeed through Hanuman Ji.

You don’t worship Saturn by directly in front of his Idol as it’s always advisable not to stand in front of his evil eye? But does this actually save you from his evil eye? Saturn is such a strong planet that it will find a way to say a Hello to you. Luckily, Hanuman Ji suggests a better way to escape his evil eye, and I have, over the years, successfully helped my clients/ followers to use this way effectively.  I shall explain this with a live example of a Business Tycoon, Shivinder Mohan Singh of Fortis. There is a line in Hanuman Chalisa “Asht Siddhi Nav Nidhi Key Data”, meaning that worship of Hanuman Ji gives you Asht Siddhis and Nav Nidhis. The first Siddhi of Hanuman Ji is Anima, i.e. Hanuman Ji had the power to assimilate himself with Atom, i.e. attain almost invisibility. Can we become invisible to the evil eye of Saturn? Partial Invisibility is possible, and the exact way can be found from your Horoscope.

I am explaining this for the most known and dreaded impact of Saturn, i.e. Sade Saati. Let’s assume that a person belongs to Mithun Rashi (Moon in No 3, Gemini). Such a person will be in the direct eye of Saturn if he lives in a City ruled by Capricorn Ascendant. I have explained in my past blog posts that most of the capital cities in the World belong to Capricorn Ascendant. An easiest way for Mithun Rashi people to achieve Partial invisibility from Saturn is to leave cities ruled by Capricorn. Then where to go? Settle temporarily in cities or places ruled by Meen (Pisces). Most of the religious places like Varanasi and Amritsar are ruled by Pisces. Have you wondered why Shivinder Mohan Singh started living in Radha Soami Dera Beas? One of the most common impacts of Saturn is that it involves you in legal cases. I have given sufficient hints, and can’t write more than this as it may violate the personal space of Mr. Singh.

Coming back to the main point, During Saturn’s Sade Saati, Mahadasha or other impacts, try to increase your connections with a religious city if you can’t leave your Job/ Business/ Profession. Make such places your second home and pay a visit whenever you get a chance. If this also is not possible, spend your holidays at religious places. If even holidays are not possible, seek blessings from your Religious or Spiritual Guru. A word of caution here is that there is a difference between a Guru and a Baba. Use your intellect and thinking power before finalizing your Guru. Even a religious book can be Guru. For people with Mithun Rashi, Ramayan can become the guiding force. Refraining from Professions or Businesses ruled by Capricorn will also provide some respite.

Summing up, there are several other ways which can achieve partial invisibility from the evil eye of Saturn. Exact Recipe can be extracted from your individual Horoscope. It should be noted that the above mentioned remedy is only for Mithun Rashi, but can be detrimental for other Rashis. For instance, for people with with Singh (Leo) Rashi, shifting to a religious place will do more harm than good. In my future posts, I shall explain how other Asht Siddhis of Hanuman Ji can guide us from the evil impact of Saturn. 

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