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Thali Ka Baingan Strategies in Stock Market

In one of our previous posts, we had discussed about Gemini as the ascendant of Management Astrology Chart of Trading in Stock Market. In this post, we will discuss how lessons learnt from this chart can help a trader generate huge profits from his trades. Ascendant is ruled by Gemini which symbolises dual personality. This actually is a good thing for a trader. Have you ever been given the title Thali Ka Baingan by someone? If yes, take it as a compliment as a successful trader in Stock Market is hidden within you. The first lesson every trader in Stock Market should learn is to develop the skill of changing sides quickly. However, this also is the reason for some of the biggest losses in Stock Market trading.   One keeps accumulating a stock on its downfall. The moment one gets frustrated with the Stock, sells it at a loss, and switches over to another stock on advice of a respected Technical analyst on TV, the stock sees a reversal. But one was being a Thali ka Baingan by switching over to another stock? Sorry, but by the time one became Thali ka Baingan, the Baingans were stale. Then does one become a quicker Thali Ka Baingan? One changes trades every now and then and still is in to losses. Even becoming a quicker Thali ka Baingan doesn’t get one profits. (We have a practical solution to this, successfully implemented by many traders. Keep reading till the end as you will find how we make one a successful Thali Ka Baingan)

The answer lies in becoming an intelligent, wise and fearless Thali ka Baingan. Remember, there are three different qualities added to Thali ka Baingan. They are Intelligence, wisdom and fearlessness. Seventh house in a Management Astrology chart is the house of customers. One becomes successful in a business by satisfying needs of the customers with your product. Stock Market trading is a Zero Sum game. Every rupee gained by you comes from someone else’s loss. The product in Stock Market trading is the ability to outsmart other players who think diametrically opposite from you. In Cash and Futures Segment, there are two types of players, Bulls and Bears. In Options trading, there are two more kinds of players, one who eat premium of out of the money options by believing that the market will remain in a range, and then there are others who buy options and think that a huge move in a Stock or Index will get them huge gains.  Seventh house in the Management Astrology chart of Trading is owned by Jupiter. Thus, one can’t earn profits from trading if he doesn’t satisfy the conditions of Jupiter. Being the planet of wisdom and knowledge, Jupiter demands that the trader should change sides with wisdom and knowledge. Position of Mars in a chart determines how fearlessly a person can act. Mars in this chart owns sixth and eleventh house. While eleventh house is the house of income from profession, sixth house is the house of enemies (which in this case of a trader are improper balance between greed and fear).

All the above is correct academically, but how does one bring this to practice? Stock market is full of diversities and even the best of experts can’t be sure about the direction of markets. We achieve this by recommending hedged/ multidirectional options strategies to individuals on the basis of matching their individual horoscopes with the Management Astrology chart of trading.  Gap areas between the two charts determine what kind of Options strategies, and in which types of stocks suit an individual’s temperament. Placement of Mercury determines the degree of nimbleness in a person’s decision making process, Placement of Jupiter determines the degree of knowledge and wisdom (relation of mercury and Jupiter determines the ability to apply knowledge), and placement of Mars determines the ability to do Business fearlessly (and also in this particular case Balance level between greed and fear). Best part of our strategies are that they have an in-built Thali Ka Baingan Element, i.e. they have the ability to become Bullish. Bearish, Neutral on their own. Once we design customized options strategies for a person, we top it up with a short term training programme/ practical training to develop his trading capabilities.

Author: Kujnish Vashisht, Expedient Consultants,, 91-9779883347, 91-9878904347

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