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The Gemstone Fraud

Can Gemstones actually work against you? Can the impact be real serious? The answer is a big Yes. No matter how qualified your Astrologer is, you should refrain from wearing Gemstones. It may even cost you your life. Following are the logical arguments against wearing Gemstones:

  1. It’s an era of technology, and every Astrologer either has his own website, or has a presence through Social media. Read their posts regarding Gemstones. You will be shocked to find that almost every Astrologer has his own version of Gemology. A principal of Gemology which is good for a particular Astrologer is criticized by the other. When they themselves are unsure about the exact impact of Gems, the probability is that some may be right and some may be wrong. But try reading the posts of leading Astrologers and not the Novices. Even they differ in their interpretation. If there are so many dilemmas, how can you try risking your Career/ Health based on this uncertainty?
  2. Can a Gemstone create an irreversible impact on your health? There is no mechanism to measure what slow chemical changes take place in your body after you wear a Gemstone. Even medical tests can’t measure the impacts at an early stage. Gemstones have the Power to impact the chemical balance of your body. If worn for your career, they may impact your health. If worn for a particular disease, it may treat that disease, but how can you be sure that it is not sowing seeds for another disease. The logic is simple. You take a medicine for Blood pressure, and it may treat your Blood Pressure. But is it detrimental for your kidneys? Fortunately, medical science works through diagnosis, and Doctors recommend medical tests before prescribing a medicine. Do Astrologers have the capability to measure each and every chemical change in your body resulting from a Gemstone? The impact may not be visible immediately as Chemical reactions in the body slowly take the shape of a demon. Decide yourself as it may be more a question of belief. But if you believe in Science and Logic, don’t let your Astrologer play with your health.
  3. Do the Astrologers have an ulterior motive in selling Gemstones to you? My answer is through a Counter question. Do you know a Jeweller who can share his secrets with you? If yes, just ask him how much commission he pays to the Astrologers. Almost every Jeweller who sells Gemstones has an under the table arrangement with the Astrologers of his locality. In many cases, this arrangement is through Jeweller’s associations. That’s the Business model of both Astrologers and Jewellers. Most of the Astrologers won’t charge from you upfront, but will try to earn from you through Gemstones and illogical remedies. Can this lead to a Gemstone in your finger whether it suits you or not? Think about it.
  4. Gemstones can have detrimental impact on your career also. Every planet in your horoscope is meant to play a unique role in your life/ career/ business. Altering the strength of one planet can have a detrimental impact on the other planet. For instance, Saturn is an emotionless planet while Moon is the planet which controls your mind and hence your emotions. Creativity also comes through emotions. What happens when your whole career is based on creativity, and your Astrologer recommends a Gemstone which strengthens your Saturn? Does your astrologer consider the Horoscope of your Career/ Business/ Profession before recommending a Gemstone to you? And in management language, is he aware about Job Description of the post you are holding?
  5. Continuing with point 4, such kind of alterations can have a bad impact on your personal relationships also. You may not be even aware about this aspect. Gemstones may even change the Love equation between Husband and Wife. Isn’t this Serious? Can your Astrologer tell you the quantum of change in relationship equations?

In nutshell, Gemstones can have both negative and positive impacts, and there is no mechanism to measure the exact negative impacts of a Gemstone. Even the most qualified Astrologer can’t give a logical answer to this. My purpose of writing this Blog Post is to make you aware that you should always do a reality check of your beliefs and traditions before playing with the important aspects like Health/ Career/Relationships.

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