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Trading in Stock Market is Gemini

Trading activity in Stock Market has its own Management Astrology Chart. The ascendant in this Chart is ruled by Gemini. The biggest dilemma of a retail player in Stock Market is that he is always split between the roles of a Trader and Investor. Sometimes, he starts as a trader and because of the bad trade turns in to an investor whereas ideally as a trader he should be booking his loss. Sometimes, he starts as an Investor, but starts trying adventurous things, fascinated by the quick movement in Stock Market. The end result is largely unpleasant. Investment activity also has its own Management Astrology Chart and its chart is diametrically opposite to the Trading Chart. We will cover this in our future posts. We compare an individual’s personal chart with these two Management Astrology Charts and establish the gap areas. This helps the individual in setting his objectives and targets in Stock Market. We will keep posting more on Stock Market in future.

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