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What's in a Name? A Lot

What’s in a name? A lot. Did you know that world’s leading names in Technology/Communication like WhatsApp, Google, Facebook and Apple have a clear Astrological connection? And did you know that the impact from these Apps also has a direct connection with your mind (Moon in your Horoscope)? I’ll present a small logical explanation which almost everyone can understand. I am starting with Numerology. Apple is a leading name in Technology, and I have explained through many previous Blog posts that in Management Astrology, Mercury rules Technology and Communication. The name adds to number 50 which further adds to 5 . Number 5 is ruled by Mercury. GOOGLE adds to 61 which further adds to 7. Number 7 is ruled by Ketu, which also governs any system which unearths the secrets. Isn’t GOOGLE the biggest detective of the modern world? FACEBOOK adds to 58 which further adds to 13 and then 4. Number 4 is represented by Rahu which represents extreme materialism.  Flaunting is also an extreme form of materialism which in our horoscope is represented by Rahu. Isn’t Facebook about flaunting? Rahu also represents exaggeration. The fact that even a Joker gets branded as handsome on Facebook comments strengthens this argument. And finally let’s discuss WhatsApp, which has revolutionized instant communication. It adds to 104 which further adds to 5. Anyone who knows Astrology can tell you that Mercury rules communication.  Can all this be a coincidence?

The first conclusion from the above is that names and numbers do matter in our life. I have explained through my previous posts that even Rajyogas mentioned in Astrology have a number connection. Picking up numbers by simply adding your date of birth is an extremely simplistic approach by Numerologists. The exact number which signifies your personality and can decide your fortunes can only be determined by looking at your personal horoscope. And did you know that applications like WhatsApp and Facebook have a direct impact on your horoscope? Just think for a while how these applications have impacted your daily routine, work and relationships. The direct impact is on moon in your horoscope as it represents your mind and personality. Understanding the importance of this impact, I have prepared the horoscopes of both WhatsApp and Facebook. Matching of these horoscopes with your personal horoscopes determines how you should conduct yourself on Facebook and WhatsApp. Many would agree with me that even a single post or comment on Facebook and Whatsapp can have an impact on our mind/ image/ relationships/ business/career. Even bigger impact can be on your health. Let’s for instance consider WhatsApp which is ruled by Mercury. While mercury (WhatsApp) represents Communication, Ketu represents miscommunication when in sign of Mercury (although accompanying planets as well as the house determines the net resultant in your horoscope). If you have such a combination in your horoscope, your written communication has an extremely high probability of causing misunderstanding. The problem is compounded when Jupiter is weak in your Horoscope. Think about the confusions and miseries it can cause in your relationships and career. Various other combinations in your horoscope also have positive or negative impacts. Contact us if you want to know how your Horoscope gels with WhatsApp/ Facebook or any other App.  I’ll write more about this on .

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