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Who is a Brahmin? Management Astrology Finds Answers

Jupiter is the most benefic planet in Astrology and lifts up the whole Horoscope. Brahmin caste is also ruled by Jupiter and it is a belief among many Astrologers that Jupiter is never malefic for a Brahmin. But who is a Brahmin? Do I have the right to be called a Brahmin just because I was born to a Brahmin? It’s true that Jupiter is never malefic for a Brahmin, but let me define a Brahmin first. A Brahmin is the person who has acquired formal knowledge, is a learner throughout his life and always learns from his mistakes. Are you having these three qualities? If yes, Jupiter will never be malefic in your horoscope irrespective of its good or bad placement.

This always is a point of debate whenever I have a discussion on this in my Brahmin community. And most of the times I am at the receiving end. They stick to their Brahmin by Birth theory while I stick to my Management Astrology theory of Brahmin by deeds. Even if Jupiter is bad in a horoscope, positive attitude towards learning can lift up your Jupiter and as a result the whole Horoscope. This is what I call Karm Yoga. (Although learning without application is also a waste, and I have mentioned this in many of my previous Blog Posts).

Without looking at one’s horoscope, I look at these three factors in a person to judge the bad effects of Jupiter:

  1. Did the person neglect formal education during his formative years while he had all the opportunities? Worst are the ones who dropout not to pursue their passion, but just to indulge in dubious or wasteful activities
  2. Is the person not open to learning new things in his life?
  3. Is the person committing the same mistakes every now and then?

If yes, his Jupiter is weak irrespective of its placement in his Horoscope. There is no need to even look at his horoscope. I have seen many live examples around me who are a curse to themselves, to their parents, wife, children as well as the Society as a whole just because of their bad deeds. 

No planetary Yogas can give results unless your Jupiter is strong. And Jupiter is one planet which can be improved only by your deeds towards acquiring knowledge and inculcating a habit of learning throughout your life. If at any stage in your life you start considering yourself as a Guru (no matter the level of your learning and knowledge), be assured that you are weakening your Jupiter.

I aspire to be a Brahmin by my deeds and being a Brahmin by Birth is just a Surname.

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