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Brahminwaad in Traditional Astrology?Let's Change it

This post is not against Brahmins but against Brahminwaad in Astrology. I am a Brahmin by caste, and I have already explained in one of my previous posts that a Brahmin means the one who is always open to learning, and doesn’t shy away from accepting his mistakes and learning from his mistakes. Cast…

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Who is a Brahmin? Management Astrology Finds Answers

Jupiter is the most benefic planet in Astrology and lifts up the whole Horoscope. Brahmin caste is also ruled by Jupiter and it is a belief among many Astrologers that Jupiter is never malefic for a Brahmin. But who is a Brahmin? Do I have the right to be called a Brahmin just because I was born to …

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Jupiter and Saturn Rule Introductory Stage of Product Life Cycle

Introductory stage of Product Life cycle (PLC) starts with launching of the Product in the Market. Jupiter and Saturn together rule the Introductory Stage of Product Life Cycle. While Jupiter rules the investment and efforts in this period, Saturn rules the obstacles in the path of the product like …

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Second Half of your Career demands Balancing between Jupiter and Mercury

Formal education in Management Astrology is ruled by Jupiter, and the application of knowledge is ruled by Mercury. In management terms, Jupiter (Formal Education) is the principal amount and Mercury (application of knowledge) is return on investment. In this post we are limiting ourselves only to i…

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