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Impact of Moon and Saturn on different Professions

Moon and Saturn have a complex relationship. While Moon takes care of your Creative abilities and dynamic elements of your personality, Saturn’s department is Perseverance. While Moon empowers you to interpret a situation in many ways, it also creates dilemmas and self-doubt. Saturn on the other han…

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Shivinder Singh of Fortis is Invisible to Saturn?

We have often heard that even Saturn fears Hanuman Ji. We often hear Astrologers suggesting enchanting of Hanuman Chalisa or suggesting worship of Hanuman Ji to escape the evil effects of Saturn. But does it actually work? Can an Astrologer explain the Rationale behind it? The bad news is that in mo…

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Saturn and Moon, The Management Angle

Saturn is considered to be the most dreaded planet in Astrology and enjoys the most difficult relationship with its enemy moon. This Post explains the relationship between Saturn and Moon from Management Angle. Sade Saati occurs when Saturn transits in a Moon sign before, through that sign or in a s…

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Saturn rules Maturity Stage of PLC

When a Product is in its Maturity Stage in Product Life Cycle (PLC), Saturn becomes a prominent planet in Management Astrology. If you need to overcome the hurdles of Maturity Stage of Product Life Cycle, you have to fulfil the conditions of Saturn. These conditions vary from product to product and …

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